Thursday, June 22, 2006


OK . . . have you ever been knitting a project . . . come to a point where you need help but you don't have the time in your schedule to get to your semi-lys or even get together with your "knitt'n buds"???? . . . well I have been at that point for the last 2-plus weeks!!!!! Its been pretty hetic around here with the kids (in state and out of state) visiting but I was managing to get some knitting time in . . . I even made it to my semi-lys during this time for a Sunday get-together with my "knitt'n buds" (boy did I need that down time! thanks "buds"!) . . . well for the past week-plus I have been at a stopping point on 2 of my projects (the baby sweater and the "road kill" - oh! that's what the kids down south called the hedgehog toy I am knitting - its kind of flat looking . . . 4 legs pointing straight out from a flat body) . . . anyhoo . . . like I said in my last post I got a package from my SP8 pal so I was saved as I have a new project to work on . . . but BUMMER . . . I am now at a stopping point on that project (a felted bag) !!!! . . . maybe I need to take a break from knitting and do something else for a while . . . well okay a short break . . . until Friday that is . . . LOOK OUT SEMI-LYA . . . I am going to drop in Friday afternoon for some much needed help (which will take them about 2 seconds to answer something that I have not been able to figure out for 2 weeks!) . . . until next post . . . KEEP ON KNITT'N!!!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


IT CAME! IT CAME!! OH BOY IT CAME!!! My SP8 pal had emailed me a message that I would be receiving a few goodies from her shortly . . . so being who I am . . . starting last Monday I began checking my mailbox and the secret place where my mailman leaves packages everyday . . . but boo hoo nothing was there . . . I even took my new granddaughter to work on Tuesday (I was home on vacation last week) telling everyone I was showing her off but I was really checking to see if my secret pal package might be there . . . Bummer . . . it wasn't :- ( So on Friday morning I packed up hubby, daughter and granddaughter and we took a 3-1/2 hour drive to visit great-grandma (my mother-in-law, whom I adore). We spent Friday night with grandma and the cousins (more about this and pictures, of course, in another message), had the family gathering Saturday morning to introduce the newest family member (my granddaughter) and headed back home late Saturday afternoon . . . Well, when we pulled up in the driveway I saw a package by my front door (so much for the secret hiding place) . . . YES . . . it was from my SP8 pal!!!! Well forget about going to the bathroom . . . I had to open my package first . . . and look at what I got!!!! . . . this girl knows what I like!!! . . . she not only sent me the pattern for making a cute "Rick Rack" felted bag, she also sent me seven skiens (yes that's right 7 skiens) of "Wool of the Andes" yarn . . . in the yummy colors of green, blue and yellow . . . it looks like I will have enough yarn to make two bags . . . but the gifts didn't stop there, my SP8 pal also sent me 12 identical note cards that not only have a "ladybug" on them (in case you didn't know, I am mad for anything ladybug) but they have my first name on them!!!! THANK YOU SECRET PAL!!!!! I can't wait to start knitting a bag!!! I only hope that the rest of you who are participating in SP8 have a pal like mine who loves to spoil you!!!!!

Sunday, June 04, 2006


Just a quick message . . . my granddaughter is visiting California until June 17th (she brought her mom & dad also) . . . she will be 5 months old on June 6th . . . and I am hoping to send her home with a cute little new animal pal . . . an adorable hedgehog! I took this class at my semi-LYS with a couple of other friends. I am knitting my "hedgie" in earth tones even though I am pretty sure that my granddaughter would probably prefer it in the instructors daughter's colors . . . bright purple and lime green! In case you are interested in this pattern, you can find it on Fiber Trends website . . . TA TA FOR NOW . . . the little one is waking up and "grammie" gets to go play!