Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I picked up my knitting needles again over a year ago when it became popular to knit scarves (it was also cheaper than buying premade scarves) and they made great Birthday/Christmas gifts . . . I made lots and lots of scarves, keeping only a couple for myself because I discovered I loved knitting again but I don't wear scarfs very often (just not my thing) . . . well I then had a granddaughter, Kyra, in January of this year and the knitting group I was invited to join met and I made a very fast and very, very easy lavender baby blanket using "Heaven" yarn (have to make another one for here at "grammies" as she has become attached to the blanket) . . . my next knitting project was a pair of gloves . . . that project has been set aside as I found I was not even able to get a set of "pulse warmers" knitted (ya know the cuff of the glove) . . .
Anyhoo . . . one of the girls in the knit group started knitting a purse and of course we all had to make "the purse" (same pattern-different colors) . . . four of us will be attending a conference in May and we will all be using and showing off our "glitter" purses at the banquet on Saturday night . . . hopefully I will be able to get a picuture to the four "glitter" purses attending their first big evening out . . .
I am half way through my next project which is a "felted purse" and will also be taking a class and learning how to knit a baby sweater from the neck down . . . I love making purses and this may be Birthday/Christmas presents this year . . .

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My Knitting Friends

I would like to introduce you to the great group of gals I knit with . . . we meet twice a month at a semi-local knit shop (some live in the town-some have a distance to drive) and without their continued support, encouragement, and enthusiasm I would not be knitting again (nor would I be cash poor but yarn rich) . . . first we have "Mutant Penguin" who has knitted before, than got very involved in crochet (she makes beautiful dollies)she has now gone back to knitting and is knitting beautiful purses and scraves in her favorite color-pink . . . her other big contribution to this group is that she use to be a computer programer and is helping us the set up and jazz up our blogs . . . second in our group is "Yarn Spinner" who is not only new to knitting but will soon be a "new grandma" and she loves to sing (she is always humming a happy little tune) . . . the third person in our group is "Knit Knak" who's blog title page says it all . . . "just knittin" . . . she is also new to knitting and has taken to it like a duck to water . . . she has knitted as least 10 felted purses, a few scraves, and some really cute hats (she calls them "beanies") . . . and last but not least is our fearless leader "Knit Queen" who not only got us together as a group of knitters . . . but she also told us about SP8 (which we have all decided to participate in) and does not believe in ripping anything out and starting over again . . . and then there is me, "Old Knitter" . . . when I chose this title, age had nothing to do with it (even though upon reflection, agewise I AM the oldest knitter of the group) I picked the name because I was taught by my aunt as a young girl to knit . . . then I dropped it during my teenage years (it was not considered "cool") . . . I picked it up again when I became pregrant with my son and knitted through my daugher's baby years . . . then I dropped it again to try a variety of other crafts and am knitting again because of my friends, a granddaughter (my first grandchild) and because I find it relaxing . . . I am truly blessed to be a part of this group and thankful to have each one of them in my life . . .

Profile Picture Success

YA HOOO!!!!! Thanks to TMPH's instructions I was able to successfully post a picture to my blog profile . . . she not only gave me instructions . . . she also gave me the perfect picture to two of my favorite things . . . ladybugs and daisies . . . thanks Mutant Penguin and here's one for you!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


I DID IT!!!!! I have just inserted my first picture . . . in case ya'll didn't know . . . I collect LADYBUGS . . . they are so cute and make everyone smile and think of flowers and sunshine . . . you know . . . HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!! I became attached to "ladybugs" when I started designing the stationary that is used by my church's elementary school . . . you know that spot on the back of the notecard where "design by" goes . . . well that's where I started inserting ladybug drawings instead of my name (my initials are LB - a natural for ladybug) . . . it's one of those collections you never grow tired of (they make so many different things out in the world with ladybugs on them) . . . WISHING YOU LADYBUG KISSES!

Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well . . . I have finally completed updating my profile . . . next I will try inserting pictures . . . with the help of my good friend, Lynn, she patiently wrote out the instructions in "layman" terms for her knitting buds at our Saturday get-together . . . THANK YOU LYNN!!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

It's the wee hours of early morning (3:30 am to be exact) and as you can see I am experimenting with my bog page. I don't know exactly how I got there but I was finally able to change my blog page background and next I will try adding "about me" profile information and maybe I will get real brave in my experimenting and put a picture or two in or may I will just do what I originally got up to do so early in the morning . . . KNIT!!!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My First Blog

Well . . . I have just created by first BLOG . . . I have a feeling that this is going to be a "learn as you go along" kind of experience . . . hummmm . . . guess I am going to have to buy a "Blogging For Dummies" book!