Monday, April 17, 2006


I DID IT!!!!! I have just inserted my first picture . . . in case ya'll didn't know . . . I collect LADYBUGS . . . they are so cute and make everyone smile and think of flowers and sunshine . . . you know . . . HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!! I became attached to "ladybugs" when I started designing the stationary that is used by my church's elementary school . . . you know that spot on the back of the notecard where "design by" goes . . . well that's where I started inserting ladybug drawings instead of my name (my initials are LB - a natural for ladybug) . . . it's one of those collections you never grow tired of (they make so many different things out in the world with ladybugs on them) . . . WISHING YOU LADYBUG KISSES!

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The Mutant Penguin Herself said...

Woohoo! Now I will have to send you the cute little ladybug pic I found the other night. Yes, I was looking. Yes... for you!