Thursday, August 24, 2006


I blame this all on my good (andy slightly crazy) friend Lynn and her knitting for the dead (you don't want to go there) . . . so okay here's what happened this morning . . . I think that I am now able to write about it without bursting into laughter . . . I was on the net at work when what should pop up on my screen but instructions on "HOW TO KNIT A CAR COZY" (really I was looking for some legal stuff for the boss . . . I don't know HOW a knitting instruction page got on my screen) . . . well I just had to be in one of those quirky moods because I started laughing and couldn't stop (others in the office had to answer the telephone) . . . tears were running down my face . . . the whole bite . . . I must have been quite a site for when asked by fellow employees what was funny all I could do was laugh harder (they do not understand the way of the string) . . . so I'm pleading with my friends that if you ever see me buying 95 balls of Lion Brand yarn at the semi-LYS that you will quickly take all checks and charge cards away from me and get me the "hell out of Dodge" until the mood to knit a car cozy passes and I promise to do the same for you!!!!!! Hummmmmm . . . I wonder if anyone has really tried to knit a car cozy???????

Monday, August 21, 2006



As you can see "Road Kill" has had a very active life. . . my nieces (ages 1 to 12) were the ones who gave him his name . . . it has to do with that strange English humor which my husband's family possess . . . so after 37 years of marriage I found that I went along with their sick humor and had to take pictures of "road kill" in a street (middle picture taken before he was felted and picture on the right was after he was felted and stuffed)! I know sick!!! sick!!! sick!!!!!! . . . he and I did have a strange love / hate relationship and it will be quite a while before I do another one . . . I did learn how to make short rows with him so something good came out of it and the really amazing thing is my husband absolutely LOVES "road kill" . . . . so it looks like "road kill" will be staying with us and the granddaughter and nieces can pay their respect when they visit us.

Here is a better picture of him! . . . he does grow on you!!!! I can't believe that SP8 will be over shortly . . . what they say is true "time goes by fast when you are having fun" and I have been having a lot of fun not only gifting someone special and getting to know them . . . but in being gifted . . . I can't wait to find out who that person is . . . well got to go and eat dinner . . . so until later . . . ladybug kisses!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Look at all the goodies my SP8 Pal sent me!!!!!! Gardening hand tools with a handpainted ladybug and pale purple daisy on each handle!!!! WOW . . . I wonder if she handpainted them herself???? . . . my husband told me I no longer had an excuse for working in the yard (he just doesn't understand the way of the yarn and how that comes first-well almost first) . . . these tools are too cute to get dirty . . . I think I may frame them behind glass with a "break in case of emergency" sign (OMG I beginning to sound like Martha Stewart) . . . my SP8 Pal also took into consideration how hot and thirsty one gets working in the yard and so she gifted me with the cutest teapot I have ever seen . . . it has little red ladybugs all over the body of it and one ladybug on the lid top . . . I can't wait to serve tea from it (right now I am going to put ice tea in it) . . . my pal also sent me chocolates . . . but as you can see from the picture on the right the chocolates did not survive the heat from her house to mine . . . . DRATS!!!!!!! THANK YOU SECRET PAL FOR THE CUTE GIFTS. . . YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!

Not much happening on the knitting front . . . "roadkill" has completed his felting day spa treatment and is just waiting to get stuffed . . . I still have a red purse to finish knitting and felting (this purse was knitted from the top down - I only have to do the bottom now) . . . and I have finished one pink bootie for my granddaughter with the matching one still to knit . . . I am already planning my next projects . . . a short sleeve pullover sweater for myself and a scraf (I sent a pattern to my spoilee and I am going to use it for myself also) . . . more info on these later . . . I know, I know . . . I have some more projects to do but I have been afraid to check out my huge knitting bag to see exactly what all is in it . . .

Have to go and get ready for work (that's the thing that keeps me in yarn) . . . . so . . . ladybug kisses and keep on knitting!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yes it is the wee wee hours of the morning . . . 3:30 am to be exact and here I sit with laptop in hand, and a glass of red wine . . . I bet you are asking yourself "why?" . . . answer is very simple . . . I'm waiting for the cream cheese brownies I'm making to finish baking!!!!! Next question is "why bake brownies at 3 in the morning . . . was her week that stressful, is she having a hormona moment?" . . . well it's really very simple . . . I have a picinic to atttend tomorrow afternoon (or is that later today . . . hummmmm more wine) for my husbands work (he's a surveryor for a very small company) and I am bringing corn-chili relish from Trader Joe's (this is not only great as a chip dip - which is how they sell it . . . but it is great as a side dish with steak and chicken) and homemade cream cheese brownies . . . and the 3 in the morning part is easy to explain also . . . I had a tiring week at work and I fell asleep around 7 pm tonight and woke up at a quarter to three realising that I had to make brownies for Saturday (I mean today) . . . see that was pretty simple to explain . . . long but simple . . .

Before coming home this afternoon I stopped off at my semi-LYS to pick up some BERROCO Softwist yarn in a wonderful golden beige color . . . I have decided that instead of making an adult size sweater like my granddaughter's with long sleeves that I would make for myself a short sleeve pullover sweater . . . I am thinking of using the Ann Norling "The Perfect Tee" pattern which has fitted shoulders with set in sleeves and a little shaping at the waist . . . what I really liked about this pattern is that it has 6 different edgings and you can make it to the length that looks good on you . . . it doesn't stop at the top of the hip bone!!!!! So after I finish the baby booties for granddaughter, a red felted purse and a scarf (I think I have a couple of more projects also in my work bag and no Lynn one of them is NOT your roadkill) I will start on this sweater . . . hopefully it will be done in time for when I attend a confernce in November . . .

Okay got to go . . . timer went off . . . brownies are done and I need to sample them . . . that's why I am drinking red wine . . . red wine and chocolate are a match made in heaven!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I can't contain myself any longer . . . I FINISHED project #2, better known as "roadkill" the stuffed hedgehog toy!!!!!! I will post pictures of him as soon as he completes his stay at the "Felting Day Spa" (for weight reduction of course - he's drying out right now!) . . . and of course I have already started a new project . . . I am making baby booties for my granddaughter Kyra (that little 7 month old roly-poly bathing beauty - see previous post for picture) . . . and my thoughts are also turing to fall . . . I'm not sure if it's the thought of the beautiful colors of the trees or just the thought that it is going to be cooler weather . . . anyhooooo . . . I am thinking of knitting a sweater for myself like my granddaughter's (same style - neck down but with different type of yarn, of course) . . . also have yarn in a yummy peach color to make a blanket like my granddaughter's only BIGGER - a grammie blanket . . . then there is of course the yarn and pattern I have for making another felted purse and then . . . wait a minute . . . it seems I have a lot of projects ahead of me, so I had better stop writing and begin work on one of them . . . TTFN!!!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


My granddaughter Kyra found the perfect way to beat the heat when she was visiting from Wichita!!!!


HERE IT IS . . . PROJECT #1 . . . BABY SWEATER FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER KYRA!!!!!!!!! Back on April 29th I signed up to take a class (needless to say I am not the world's fastest knitter) at my semi-LYS on knitting a child's sweater from the neck down using the Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Pullover pattern . . I used purple Jelli Beenz yarn by Plymouth . . . this sweater is an all one piece (no seams or hand sewing) and has a rolled neck, arm and bottom finished edging . . . I not only had fun making this sweater (okay I also got frustrated at times) but I also learned quite a few new techniques . . . for example using double pointed needles (found out my fingers are fat), increasing a stitch by knitting into the front & back, casting on to the right needle, yarn over and the oh so famous slip slip knit stitch. Now you have to remember until January of this year I was only knitting simple scarves (nothing more complicated than a knit or purl stitch) so I have come a long way baby!!!! . . . well . . . as there was almost 3/4 of a skien of yarn left over and not wanting to let the yarn get lost in my stash . . . I decided I should try my hand at making a matching baby hat . . . so off I go toBarnes and Noble and buy a book called "itty-bitty hats" (internet down again - so much for DSL and finding free patterns) . . . and here is the finished project an "upside-down daisy" hat . . . don't ya just love it!!!!!! . . . sent these off to Witcha and can't wait to see Kyra in them (even though it may be awhile . . . they are having a terrible heat wave right now) . . . now on the finishing project #2 the hedgehog or better known as "ROADKILL" . . .

BTW . . . here is a picture of Lucy my instructor on this knitting project and new friend . . . thanks Lucy for all your help . . . I could not have completed this project without your expert "hand holding"!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Postcard From The Edge

Just a quick note before I head out to work. Last week I found out where my SP8 pal who likes to spoil me goes when the weather is HOT HOT HOT!!!! She was on vacation in San Francisco and sent me this postcard from one of my favorite cities! I have to admit that I was envious that she found the perfect spot to stay cool during this California heatwave! I will be there in February 2007 for a legal conference (and to get a little yarn shopping in of course). Got to go!!!!! Next post will be about PROJECT NUMBER 2 . . . its DONE!!!!!!