Tuesday, August 08, 2006


HERE IT IS . . . PROJECT #1 . . . BABY SWEATER FOR MY GRANDDAUGHTER KYRA!!!!!!!!! Back on April 29th I signed up to take a class (needless to say I am not the world's fastest knitter) at my semi-LYS on knitting a child's sweater from the neck down using the Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Pullover pattern . . I used purple Jelli Beenz yarn by Plymouth . . . this sweater is an all one piece (no seams or hand sewing) and has a rolled neck, arm and bottom finished edging . . . I not only had fun making this sweater (okay I also got frustrated at times) but I also learned quite a few new techniques . . . for example using double pointed needles (found out my fingers are fat), increasing a stitch by knitting into the front & back, casting on to the right needle, yarn over and the oh so famous slip slip knit stitch. Now you have to remember until January of this year I was only knitting simple scarves (nothing more complicated than a knit or purl stitch) so I have come a long way baby!!!! . . . well . . . as there was almost 3/4 of a skien of yarn left over and not wanting to let the yarn get lost in my stash . . . I decided I should try my hand at making a matching baby hat . . . so off I go toBarnes and Noble and buy a book called "itty-bitty hats" (internet down again - so much for DSL and finding free patterns) . . . and here is the finished project an "upside-down daisy" hat . . . don't ya just love it!!!!!! . . . sent these off to Witcha and can't wait to see Kyra in them (even though it may be awhile . . . they are having a terrible heat wave right now) . . . now on the finishing project #2 the hedgehog or better known as "ROADKILL" . . .

BTW . . . here is a picture of Lucy my instructor on this knitting project and new friend . . . thanks Lucy for all your help . . . I could not have completed this project without your expert "hand holding"!!!!!!!!!

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roni said...

OMG So cute!!! All of the pics but especially the grand-baby!!! I love love love the hat!!! YOU are doing such an excellant job!
knit on woman!