Thursday, August 24, 2006


I blame this all on my good (andy slightly crazy) friend Lynn and her knitting for the dead (you don't want to go there) . . . so okay here's what happened this morning . . . I think that I am now able to write about it without bursting into laughter . . . I was on the net at work when what should pop up on my screen but instructions on "HOW TO KNIT A CAR COZY" (really I was looking for some legal stuff for the boss . . . I don't know HOW a knitting instruction page got on my screen) . . . well I just had to be in one of those quirky moods because I started laughing and couldn't stop (others in the office had to answer the telephone) . . . tears were running down my face . . . the whole bite . . . I must have been quite a site for when asked by fellow employees what was funny all I could do was laugh harder (they do not understand the way of the string) . . . so I'm pleading with my friends that if you ever see me buying 95 balls of Lion Brand yarn at the semi-LYS that you will quickly take all checks and charge cards away from me and get me the "hell out of Dodge" until the mood to knit a car cozy passes and I promise to do the same for you!!!!!! Hummmmmm . . . I wonder if anyone has really tried to knit a car cozy???????


brooke said...

OOOHHHH MYYY GOD! A car cozy! Does it really take 95 skeins of yarn?? I think we should all pitch in and knit it. We could all contibute to it from our stash - you know, extra bits of yarn left over from projects. We could set a goal and enter it in the fair next year! Bring the pattern to our next get together! I love it. PS: what site were you searching that CAR COZY came up in your search??

roni said...

oh please....please just say NO to CAR COZIES!!!!

*Linda's Secret Pal* said...

Your final package is on its way to you! It might not get there before the official end of SP8 but it'll be close. Hope you enjoy it! Also, I agree with Roni's comment--just say no to car cozies.