Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Drinky Pooh Time

It's 3:15 in the morning and what would any knitter be doing beside knitting at this hour . . . why telling you about the fantastic goodies she received!!!!! I recently participated in a new one-time martini drink swap called of all things "The Dirty Knitter" which my good friend Brooke started (Brooke came up with the name from a martini called the Dirty Martini - which is a regular gin or vodka martini with a splash of olive juice in it . . . hey it's an acquired taste) . . .

anyhoo back to what I was originally telling you about . . . I was matched up with the very talented and funny Rachael (better known as Stash Monkey-link to her blog is on the side) and look at the goodies she sent me . . . the Cocktail Handbook (which has been a very intersting read-hey I didn't know there were that many different drinks out there) . . . the cutest little fabric bag with names and pictures of drinks all over it for storing goodies in and a hank of yummy green superwash merino yarn called "Appletini" (named after a drink called the Apple Martini - recipe I like to follow) . . . so THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! Stash Monkey . . . I love everything!!!

now here is the Apple Martini recipe I like (BTW - try to use only the best ingredients)

Apple Martini (great with salty food)

2 ounces premium apple juice or apple cider (fresh pressed prefered) . . . 1-1/2 ounces citrus vodka . . . 1 ounce Berentzen's apple liqueur (apple brandy or apple schnapps can also be used) . . . 1 ounce green apple puree (this is optional, makes for a more robust martini) . . . splash of lemon juice and a green apple wedge for garnish . . . . . combine the apple juice, apple liqueur, apple puree and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously. . . strain into a chilled martini glass . . . garnish with an apple wedge!

BTW . . . this drink is not the neon-green drink that some bars will sell you . . . ya know the ones that look like neon-green liquid kryptonite and taste like a green-apple Jolly Rancher or liquid toothpaste . . . once you try this recipe you will taste a world of difference . . . which is why I never order this drink in a bar!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Dear Friends and Fellow Knitters . . .

I wish y'all a fun-filled Valentine's Day with plenty of chocolate, flowers, yarn, and whatever your heart desires.

With love,

Friday, February 02, 2007


All I can say is WOW and a big THANK YOU!!!!. . . the postman cometh with a package full of wonderful surprises from my secret pal Courtney ( . . . I had to take two pictures to be able to show you everything . . . The first picture shows you that I am now the proud owner of a Clover tapestry needle set with needles (2 of which already came bent on purpose-image not having to bend your own!) . . . #2 bamboo DPN's . . . and lots and lots of yarn - - - 2 skiens of Regia sock yarn in a blue, green & purple colorway -- 2 skiens of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn in a blue, green & white colorway -- 2 skiens of Paton's allure in maroon -- 1 skien of very soft blue Filati Mighty . . . Courtney also sent me a pattern book called "Socks" from Spin Off publications for knitters and spinners (Brooke and Heather - you may borrow it . . . for a price that is . . . how about some handspun yarn) . . . looks like I am going to be one busy busy lady!!!!

BUT WAIT --- THAT'S NOT ALL . . . Courtnery also sent me . . . . a big bar of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Espresso Escape dark chocolate (had to hide this from the hubby) . . . a box of Queen Anne milk chocolate covered strawberries . . a handpainted "love 2 knit" heart-shaped magnetic and the cutest little knitted sweater key chain (at first I thought Courtnery had knitted this herself-but then I saw the tag from Latern Moon) . . . and LAST AND MOST SPECIAL OF ALL . . . Courtnery found the time to crohet me a beautiful scraf in a blue-green-purple colorway!!!!

Now I have to admit that you other participates in SP9 had some pretty special spoilers but COURTNEY IS THE BEST!!!!! . . . I love everything she has sent me and Courtney if you want to continue to spoil me I will let you!!!!! . . . and if you have a chance checkout her blog!

Oh yes . . . here is one more picture . . . the first thing I unpacked from Courtney's package was the beautiful scraf and my cat Chloe (better known as "dishrag") loves it also!!!!

THANK YOU again Courtney . . . you are the best!!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007


I have been TAGGED and have to list on a blog 6 weird things about myself . . . sooooooo here goes . . . BTW . . . this is NOT for the faint-at-heart:

1. I freak out when I have to go over a bridge while riding in a car . . . if the bridge is over water I freak out even more . . . I do this quietly - just don't let any kleenex near me because I will shred it!

2. I am an aggressive control freak while driving a car (so if I am a passenger in your car you better put me behind the driver's seat - I apparently make little annoying sounds that freak out the person driving or so says my hubby and a couple of friends).

3. I am a Martha . . . not a Mary (bible related) . . . when doors, drawers and things are out of order around me I have to fix them . . . I am always straightening up after people but not in what I deem as their environment.

4. I like swimming in places where I can see the bottom . . . you know swimming pools, hot tubs, bathtubs.

5. I played classical violin between the ages of 8 to 19.

6. I apparently jump to conclusions in a single bound (this is according to my husband and I am sure that my friends will agree with him even though I don't think so).

Geeeeeeez . . . after reading this I think I ought to go into counseling (for myself that is) . . . sooooooo . . . now I get to tag 6 people out there so ya all better watch out . . . you could be it!!!!!!

TTFN and ladybug kisses

SSSK2 Answers

Yes . . . I have joined another swap (or cult as my hubby likes to call them) and this one sounded really cool . . . all you have to do is knit one sock and send to your swap pal that one sock together with the yarn and pattern for her to complete the other sock (along with other goodies, of course) . . . is this not the coolest thing yet - you only have to make one sock!!!! . . . well the pal matches went out and fortunately my pal is a beginning sock knitter like me, so I will neither be making nor receiving a hard pattern . . . YAHOO!!!! . . . anyhoo . . . here are my answers to the SSSK2 questions:

1. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SOCK YARNS? Well as I am new at this sock thingy (have only made 1 pair) I don't have a favorite yarn yet soooooo surprise me!

2. WHAT ARE YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SOCK YARNS? ANYTHING YOU JUST CANNOT USE? I don't like yarn that separates as you knit (or unspins) and I don't like that eyelash stuff at all.

3. WHAT METHOD DO YOU PREFER TO USE? I like to use DPN's . . . as I have only made to one pair I haven't tried anything else yet.

4. IS THERE ANY METHOD THAT YOU CANNOT USE? Not that I know of . . . if I don't know it I am sure someone at my semi-LYS will be able to help me.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE COLORS? I like all colors EXCEPT PINK - please please please (one of my favorite James Brown songs by the way) NO PINK!


7. ANY OTHER INFO YOU WANT TO SHARE? Beside knitting I love to SCRAPBOOK! I hate PEANUT BUTTE (any way, shape or form) . . . I love to drink rich coffee and ice chai tea . . . I also love milk chocolate over dark . . . I collect all things ladybug . . . shoot I'm easy (not cheap just easy) so anything I get is great as long as its not PINK or contain PEANUT BUTTER.

8. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, WHAT ARE YOUR SOCK MEASUREMENTS? I wear a size 6-1/2 shoe . . . see I told you I am a beginner . . . I haven't learn how to do all those foot measurement things yet . . . I do like a longer cuff (actually no long than 6") . . . hope that helps . . .

Well that's about it for now . . . I can't wait to start spoiling Lynnette . . .

TTFN and ladybug kisses . . .


My granddaughter definitely knew what I wanted for Christmas (I think she had a mindmel with her Grandpa-who has had a list of books for a year now) . . . anyhoo . . . Kyra gave me "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick . . . and I can't wait to make a couple of little projects from it . . . one of which is the "flower washcloths" . . . I had forgotten that the pattern was in this particular book (its terrible when you get over 50) . . . in one the the email conservations I have had with my wonderful SP9 pal (who loves to spoil me by the way) she told me she was making these washcloths and she sent me the pattern (thanks again pal of mine) . . . well upon receiving the pattern I immediately went out, purchased yarn and put the bag with all my other stash and there it still sits today (shame on me) . . . so after I finish crocheting my felted slipper I am going to make some flower washcloths . . . I had better get busy because I want to give a couple as part of a birthday gift to my mother-in-law (who's birthday is January 31) . . . so that's all . . . till later ladybug kisses . . .

PS . . . thanks secret pal for the info about updating my blog template . . . everything is sooooooo much eaiser now!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


I switched . . . am now BETA and it was rather painless . . . blog address has remained the same . . . just have to get use to entering in a google password now . . . only time will tell if this is a good thing or not and if there are other changes that I have not run into yet . . . can anyone tell me what the advantage is to this switch?????

I have to apologize to everyone . . . for the past 2 weeks I have been extremely busy (just like everyone else) and did not make the time to blog or to answer my e-mail . . . as a matter of fact I did not got near the computer for over a week . . . that has been the longest time that I have ever been away from a computer . . . so look to future blogs for all your answers . . . for now ladybug kisses . . .

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Wishing you and your loved ones a joyful and peaceful New Year!