Friday, January 05, 2007


My granddaughter definitely knew what I wanted for Christmas (I think she had a mindmel with her Grandpa-who has had a list of books for a year now) . . . anyhoo . . . Kyra gave me "Weekend Knitting" by Melanie Falick . . . and I can't wait to make a couple of little projects from it . . . one of which is the "flower washcloths" . . . I had forgotten that the pattern was in this particular book (its terrible when you get over 50) . . . in one the the email conservations I have had with my wonderful SP9 pal (who loves to spoil me by the way) she told me she was making these washcloths and she sent me the pattern (thanks again pal of mine) . . . well upon receiving the pattern I immediately went out, purchased yarn and put the bag with all my other stash and there it still sits today (shame on me) . . . so after I finish crocheting my felted slipper I am going to make some flower washcloths . . . I had better get busy because I want to give a couple as part of a birthday gift to my mother-in-law (who's birthday is January 31) . . . so that's all . . . till later ladybug kisses . . .

PS . . . thanks secret pal for the info about updating my blog template . . . everything is sooooooo much eaiser now!

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