Friday, January 05, 2007

SSSK2 Answers

Yes . . . I have joined another swap (or cult as my hubby likes to call them) and this one sounded really cool . . . all you have to do is knit one sock and send to your swap pal that one sock together with the yarn and pattern for her to complete the other sock (along with other goodies, of course) . . . is this not the coolest thing yet - you only have to make one sock!!!! . . . well the pal matches went out and fortunately my pal is a beginning sock knitter like me, so I will neither be making nor receiving a hard pattern . . . YAHOO!!!! . . . anyhoo . . . here are my answers to the SSSK2 questions:

1. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SOCK YARNS? Well as I am new at this sock thingy (have only made 1 pair) I don't have a favorite yarn yet soooooo surprise me!

2. WHAT ARE YOUR LEAST FAVORITE SOCK YARNS? ANYTHING YOU JUST CANNOT USE? I don't like yarn that separates as you knit (or unspins) and I don't like that eyelash stuff at all.

3. WHAT METHOD DO YOU PREFER TO USE? I like to use DPN's . . . as I have only made to one pair I haven't tried anything else yet.

4. IS THERE ANY METHOD THAT YOU CANNOT USE? Not that I know of . . . if I don't know it I am sure someone at my semi-LYS will be able to help me.

5. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE COLORS? I like all colors EXCEPT PINK - please please please (one of my favorite James Brown songs by the way) NO PINK!


7. ANY OTHER INFO YOU WANT TO SHARE? Beside knitting I love to SCRAPBOOK! I hate PEANUT BUTTE (any way, shape or form) . . . I love to drink rich coffee and ice chai tea . . . I also love milk chocolate over dark . . . I collect all things ladybug . . . shoot I'm easy (not cheap just easy) so anything I get is great as long as its not PINK or contain PEANUT BUTTER.

8. LAST, BUT NOT LEAST, WHAT ARE YOUR SOCK MEASUREMENTS? I wear a size 6-1/2 shoe . . . see I told you I am a beginner . . . I haven't learn how to do all those foot measurement things yet . . . I do like a longer cuff (actually no long than 6") . . . hope that helps . . .

Well that's about it for now . . . I can't wait to start spoiling Lynnette . . .

TTFN and ladybug kisses . . .

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