Friday, February 02, 2007


All I can say is WOW and a big THANK YOU!!!!. . . the postman cometh with a package full of wonderful surprises from my secret pal Courtney ( . . . I had to take two pictures to be able to show you everything . . . The first picture shows you that I am now the proud owner of a Clover tapestry needle set with needles (2 of which already came bent on purpose-image not having to bend your own!) . . . #2 bamboo DPN's . . . and lots and lots of yarn - - - 2 skiens of Regia sock yarn in a blue, green & purple colorway -- 2 skiens of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn in a blue, green & white colorway -- 2 skiens of Paton's allure in maroon -- 1 skien of very soft blue Filati Mighty . . . Courtney also sent me a pattern book called "Socks" from Spin Off publications for knitters and spinners (Brooke and Heather - you may borrow it . . . for a price that is . . . how about some handspun yarn) . . . looks like I am going to be one busy busy lady!!!!

BUT WAIT --- THAT'S NOT ALL . . . Courtnery also sent me . . . . a big bar of Ghirardelli Intense Dark Espresso Escape dark chocolate (had to hide this from the hubby) . . . a box of Queen Anne milk chocolate covered strawberries . . a handpainted "love 2 knit" heart-shaped magnetic and the cutest little knitted sweater key chain (at first I thought Courtnery had knitted this herself-but then I saw the tag from Latern Moon) . . . and LAST AND MOST SPECIAL OF ALL . . . Courtnery found the time to crohet me a beautiful scraf in a blue-green-purple colorway!!!!

Now I have to admit that you other participates in SP9 had some pretty special spoilers but COURTNEY IS THE BEST!!!!! . . . I love everything she has sent me and Courtney if you want to continue to spoil me I will let you!!!!! . . . and if you have a chance checkout her blog!

Oh yes . . . here is one more picture . . . the first thing I unpacked from Courtney's package was the beautiful scraf and my cat Chloe (better known as "dishrag") loves it also!!!!

THANK YOU again Courtney . . . you are the best!!!!!


Ollie said...

well well well....lookie this is where you live eh?? you'll be happy to know I added your link to my blog. that's right. no getting away now, lil miss.
what a great pg you got...& just so ya know, that's a wonderful sock book, you'll love all the pretty patterns & wanna try each & every one!
and yes, I'm gonna see the doc & get my problem taken care the meantime, I live w/a scorpio...not fer nuthin...just sayin.....

Courtney said...

I am glad you liked everything :-)