Monday, July 03, 2006


Just a quick little message today to let everyone know that YES, I'M STILL HERE and that the knitting juices are coming alive again--YAHOO!!!! I got help on two of the projects that I am working on (granddaughter sweater and roadkill toy) and have done more work on them along with just about finishing up the felted purse that my SP8 pal sent me to make . . . bbbbbbbut (there always seems to be one of those) . . . I got hit with an inter ear thing and have lost my sense of balance (thank God not my sense of humor) and am dizzy all the time . . . ya know walking into walls, spilling thing , taking BIG GIANT steps, having my hubby drive me around . . . all that fun stuff . . . doctor gave me meds for the "dizzies" and I quickly discovered that I should not knit while going thru the "dizzies" . . . so I have been catching up on reading (reading a light and fluffy book right now called "It's A Girl Thing" by Jan King), watching chick flicks (okay so what do y'all think . . . last night I watched the new version of "King Kong" on DVD with hubby who says this is not a "chick flick" but of course being who I am I beg to differ - it's a great love story and I always cry at the end so that makes it a "chick flick" right . . . even if the creppy crawly bug scene makes you want to throw up and check under the bed before you hop into it????), charging things on the internet (do ya think hubby will believe it when I say the meds made me do it? it's worth a try!), putting contact info on the new cell phone I bought (I did say that I was still able to shop, right?) and reading my friends and secret pal's blogs (boy, have y'all been busy) . . .

So I decided that I not only had to answer my friend Roni's blog . . . but I had to include a picture of the purse she knitted & felted and sold to me (I didn't even have the "dizzies" then) on my blog for everyone to see as she said she forgot to take a picture of it before she sold it . . . so here it is . . . had to take a picture of it with some birdhouses in the backyard because I call it the "Feather" purse and I get a lot of positive feedback on it from everyone who sees it . . . it is just too, too, cute!!!!! THANKS RONI -- YOU DO GREAT WORK GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Okay . . . it is getting close to naptime now (I have also been sleeping a lot . . . ya know the "better living thru chemicals" thing) so I am signing off for now . . . hopefully next message will have pictures of my finished projects . . . TTFN!!!!!

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