Friday, December 15, 2006


Look at what the the post brought me . . . I am in COFFEE HEAVEN!!! When I came back from lunch on Monday there was a package on my desk at work from Canada . . . well I knew immediately what that meant . . . ANITA LEE SENT ME GOODIES FROM RICHMOND, BC!!! . . . and what goodies they are . . . Anita and I had a slow start (we were unable to connect with each other at the beginning the the Coffee Swap due to wrong email addresses and Anita doesn't maintain a blog) . . . anyhoo . .

Anita wrote in her letter to me (the back side of the letter is shown here . . . Anita cut out ladybugs and put them all over the letter . . . too cute!!!!) that she went to three different coffee shops in the Vancouver area where they roast coffee and sent me organic French Roast beans from Salt Spring Coffee, organic Arabica beans from Viva Java (a local Richmond coffee shop where the beans were roasted the morning that she sent my package-talk about fresh!) and a Christmas blend from JJ Bean House of Coffee . . . and the bonus to all these coffees is that if I fall in love with any of them I will be able to get more by e-mailing my request to the shops. . . isn't that great!!!!! Anita also visited "THE" Canadian coffee & donut shop, Tim Horton's, and sent me a mug with a little package of their blend of coffee.Now as you can tell from the picture the goodies did not end there . . . Anita also whipped up a batch of homemade (that's right . . . made fresh the morning of the mailing) Peppermint Bark . . . of course my co-workers and I had to try some of that right away . . . WOW its great especially with a cup of coffee . . . who knew that you could make something that tastes so good from Special K cereal . . . and the final goodies in the package were 3 skiens of 100% wool Jojoland yarn if a soft varigated green color . . . I can't wait to start knitting that yarn up!!!!

So a BIG THANK YOU Anita . . . you did good!!!!! . . . I am now going to enjoy a cup of Viva Java coffee while I look through some knitting books for the perfect pattern for the yarn!!!

Oh . . . for those of you who want to try a semi healthy goodie . . . here is the recipe for Anita's Peppermint Bark as she wrote them to me . . . "it's really easy - some melted chocolate, some Special K cereal and some crushed up candy cane. Toss the candy cane in while the chocolate is melting, then stir in the cereal. Pour it all out onto a foil lined cookie sheet, pop it into the fridge for about 15 minutes, take it out, break it into pieces and enjoy!" THIS STUFF IS REALLY GOOD and I am going to try making it this weekend!!!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds good :-) Hope you are getting all you christmas knitting done if you are doing any. I will be sending another package in January....I will email you before I send it so you can watch for it

~Your Secret Pal

Heatherly said...

it was great to see you the other day:-)
how was your class?

Stash Monkey said...

Been meaning to get in touch with you for the dirty knitter's swap - sorry to be so late in getting going! At any rate, I haven't forgotten about you, and I'll be picking out a few goodies for you. Any thoughts on things you might be interested in? Color favorites when it comes to yarn? Interest in sweets? You can e-mail me at rachgriffinATyahooDOTcom