Thursday, May 25, 2006


This tale began innocently enough on the evening of May 4, 2006 when I had the honor of being installed as the 54th President of the professional association I belong to. That night my association was not only installing its officers for the next fiscal year, it was also celebrating "Boss of the Year." Two very dear friends were in charge of planning this combined event(they also happen to be in my knit group) and these girls not only made this a fun evening for everyone, they made it a memorable one! While my boss escorted each officer up to the front of the room, the MC (who was one of the organizers) gave a brief and humorous history about each officer (I sure hope she made a lot of the stuff up). We were each presented with a symbol of our office and as I was going to be President, the logical choice was a crown (I've been telling them for years at work that I was Queen of the office - yea - finally recognition!) It was a wonderful evening and I was happy to see everyone leaving that night smiling, laughing, and talking to each other as if they were old friends (so okay some of them have know each other forever).

I did discover one very interesting fact that evening about "THE CROWN" (as I now call it-don't ya think it needs a name - I'm open to suggestions), it seems it is not content to stay in one place for too long. Anyway so begins the adventures (and misadventures) of "THE CROWN." I did wear it to work the next day and the clients just loved it. "The Crown" even accompanied me to the salon when I got my nails done that afternoon. However I did leave it home on Saturday, as I spent all day at my semi-LYS knitting. I took a class that morning for knitting an "all-in-one" (meaning no hand seaming) pullover baby sweater for my granddaughter Kyra and somehow I ended up there until 3 p.m. I am knitting Kyra's sweater out of purple Plymouth Jelli Beenz yarn. It's going to be one cute sweater when done.

Anyhoo . . . that's all for tonight's adventure (believe me there are a lot more to come) . . . by the way . . . my SP8 sent me a card via snail mail letting me know she is looking forward to spoiling me and that a package should be arriving soon . . . I can't wait!!!!!

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