Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Boy do I feel old!!!!! . . . while getting dress for work yesterday I sneezed and did something very painful to my back (I recommend that you try not to sneeze while putting on pantyhose) . . . inched my way to a telephone - called doctor - had drugs delivered . . . I am feeling better . . . staying home today and laying around (drugs make me not only dizzy and sleepy . . . they are making me loopier than ever so please excuse the spelling and sentence structure) . . . who knew that a little sneeze could cause so much pain . . . I am leaving tomorrow with two other friends (who also are in my knit group) to attend a professional conferece for the next 3 day in middle California . . . we are of course going to check out the yarn shops in that area (I will also be checking out the scrapbook stores) . . . so TA TA FOR NOW!!!!!

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Polly said...

Nothing like going on a yarn crawl to make the ol' back feel better. /Nic SP8