Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yes that's right "swap" is plural . . . I had soooooo much fun participating in the Secret Pal 8 swap that I had a feeling of lost when it was over (yes I did sign up for SP9 as soon as sign ups opened) . . . but never fear. . . friends emailed me about another fun swap that was going to be starting shortly . . . the CHOCOLATE SWAP! . . . for this one you not only have to love knitting/crocheting - you also have to love chocolate (duh!) . . . so while I was waiting to see if I was accepted I went exploring different blog sites and found another swap that would be starting shortly and sounded like fun . . . for this one you again not only have to love knitting/crocheting but you also have to love tea (I finally confessed to the general public that I LOVE iced chai tea) . . . both the chocolate and tea swaps are short term swaps and look to be lots of fun . . . so when you have a spare moment you might want to check out these sites and possibly meet some very interesting people . . . btw . . . I did get accepted to participate in each one . . . YAHOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Chocolate Swap:
Knitters Tea Swap 2:
Secret Pal 9: (still have time to sign up for this one)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I drew your name in the knitters' tea swap -- just wanted to let you know that I'm out here somewhere. :-)