Monday, October 09, 2006


A big box arrived at work the other day from my Chocolate Swap pal Joan full of all things chocolate related and of course my co-workers made sure I opened it up right away (they are really good at smelling chocolate within a 50 foot radius) . . . there was so much in that box that I had to take 2 different pictures to do it all justice . . . Joan sent me a pattern for a B-4 Bag (4 B's meaning bobbles, beads, bumps, and buttons), with everything to make this purse . . . 2 skiens of chocolate brown Patons classic Merino wool, 3 skiens Noro Silk Garden yarn, 6 silver buttons, 2 packages of silver beads, and 1 package of glass ladybug beads . . . now those were just the goodies to make a really cute looking purse . . . Joan also sent ediable chocolate goodies from her hometown candy shop, Watson's . . . I got a jar of Watson's original hot fudge sauce, a bag of Watson's famous sponge candy (this was a very special treat for me as I have not had sponge candy since I was a child and I had forgotten how much I loved it) . . . and a container of Watson's famous milk chocolate "Buffalo Wings" with white chocolate dippin sauce (this was a hit with my co-workers) . . . there was also a large Jolee's labybug for me to use when I scrapbook . . . now I know that you are amazed at everything I got . . . but believe it or not there is still more . . . Joan found out that I just discovered knitting socks and sent me a skien of Cherry Tree Hill SuperSock yarn in a color called "Chocolate M&M's" (don't ya just love that name) and 4 Hersrey chocolate bars . . . JOAN . . . YOU KNOW HOW TO SPOIL!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough for my box of goodies . . .

I just want to leave with one more thing . . . I hope everyone who reads this blog checks out Joan's blog site ( and DO SEND HER your good wishes . . . life is being a little rough with her right now . . . Joan is going through chemo - was recently on the receiving end of a hit& run (the family car was hit and Joan says no one was hurt) and just had a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR boo boo to her left hand . . . I have so much adminration for this lady and her family - she is a true inspiration!!!!!

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FairyGodKnitter said...

I'm so glad that you liked your package. We've all been enjoying yours, the Godiva was especially appreciated after my surgery.