Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Okay . . . better late than never with the answers . . . some of these have more than 1 answer and some just plain overwhelmed me . . .

ACTOR: James Garner, Harrison Ford and any hunky looking ones
ACTRESS: Reese Witterspoon, Sally Field, Shirley MacLaine
BAND: The Eagles
BEVERAGE: - HOT: french roast coffee - any type of tea / COLD: iced chai latte (love this one winter and summer) - Pepsi (regular) and white wine
BOOK: Harry Potter series, any on knitting - just about anything I can get my hands on
BUBBLE BATH/SHOWER GEL: anything spicey/citrus
CANDY: this is the one that overwhelmed me as I love all candy EXCEPT anything with PEANUT BUTTER - NO PEANUT BUTTER anything
COLOR: right now PURPLE , then green, rust, brown - NO PINK!
FLOWER: orchids, roses, daisies
FOOD: Mexician, Chinese, Italian
LIP BALM: whatever is available
LOTION: Oriental Spice by Camille Beckman
MOVIE: Shall We Dance, Twister, all Harry Potter and any mystry type
NUTS: all of them
SONG: I Have A Dream by ABBA and Hotel California by The Eagles
TV SHOW: House, Monk, Cold Case, Without A Trace, Law & Order and Sex In The City (even watch all the repeats of these over and over)
VACATION SPOT: Victoria, Britsh Columbia
VEGGIE: artichokes
WEB SITES: SP9 (home, pals & friends), Ebay, knitting pattern central, CafePress, Sizzix Shop and Aha! Clean Jokes

That's about it for now!!!!

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